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About Us

Welcome! If you're here, its no mistake. Like many others, you have a desire to move forward, accomplish something or perhaps you're simply looking for guidance on how to get unstuck. 

Perhaps you are looking to learn to better manage your money, get out of credit card debt, learn how to accomplish your goals or find purpose in life. 

Whatever the need, Mindset Connect Coaching is here to help you reach the desired outcomes and see RESULTS!

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What We Do

Our coaches are trained to help clients determine achievable goals and actionable plans. We work with clients to identify and eliminate limiting belief systems that holds them back from success. Through our partnership, clients develop an empowering mindset, connecting them to outcomes and sustainable results. Our conversations help clients become and stay motivated, encouraged and confident, all key elements to being the best version of themselves.

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Coach Sherry 



Over the years, Sherry has grown an immense passion for self development and making a difference in the lives of others. She has always had interest in finance which led to a BBA from Davenport University. She would then discover her innate leadership abilities which afforded her leadership positions at several companies and inspired the completion of a MBA from the University of Phoenix. Its the experiences from the various leadership positions (coaching employees to improved performance), classroom education and personal successes (self taught budgeting and savings strategies and credit repair) that allows her to coach others to achieve their desired results.

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What Is Coaching

It is important to know that coaching is NOT the same as therapy or consulting. All three have distinct differences.  Let's explore:

Coaching: the client wants forward movement and results. The coach offers expertise in the change, goal attainment, and accountability process. The focus is on the present or the future and it is "what" that is questioned. The client holds full ownership and takes action, with the assistance of the coach, which leads to sustainable results.

Consulting: the client is seeking advice, help or a solution that places the consultant as the expert. The client answers various questions with a focus on the present and future. The consultant owns the issue and solves the problem. 

Therapy: the client is seeking self-understanding and is usually dealing with past issues and emotional pain. The therapist is the expert and asks "why" questions. The focus is on the past or present. The problem is analyzed and may or may not be resolved. 

If, at any point during the coaching relationship, it is determined that the client is in need of mental or physical health therapy, they will be referred to an appropriate licensed professional.  

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